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An ONLINE Becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister - 3-10 Year old Webinar

The arrival of a new baby is very exciting! It is also a big change for older brothers and sisters. Our online classes provide age-appropriate information to prepare children ages 3 to 10 for the arrival of a new baby. Children will learn about Mom's trip to the hospital, what a new baby is like, things a baby can and cannot do, ways to help, and safety around newborns.

Please do not register children under age 3.

The ?Becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister? class will include story time, discussions, demonstrations, and lots of hands-on activities that your child can perform at home while watching online. Please have one adult stay with the child for the duration of the class to assist with hands-on activities and to turn microphone and/or video functions on and off as needed during question and answer times. When logging in, please enter the child?s first name (not a parent?s). Your child should also have a doll or stuffed animal to practice with. We will take a brief break halfway through to give your child a chance to use the restroom, eat a quick snack, or move around for a bit.

Recommended Items:
I will be teaching your child how to help care for a newborn, and I would love for him/her to be able to practice along with me! If you have any of the following items at home, I would recommend keeping them nearby so that your child can use them during our class. If not, your child is welcome to watch how I use them instead!
? Diaper
? Burp cloth
? Small hand-held infant toy (ex. rattle, toy keys, etc.)
? Receiving blanket
? Dry washcloth
? One or two quiet toys that your older child enjoys playing with (ex. puzzle, book, arts & crafts materials, board game, action figures, Legos, animals, etc.). You may keep these somewhere else in the room where they are easy to find as I will be asking them to find a quiet toy to play with while baby sleeps.

Please register the parent and you will be asked for your childs name during the registration process. If you are enrolling more than one child please call the HELPLine at 484-628-HELP(4357) to register.

The morning of, or the day prior to the start of the class you will receive an email from a Tower Health employee with the link and instructions to join the class.
Fee: $10.00
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