Please note the portal may take around 1 minute to launch once you click the "Log In" button. Please only click the "Log In" button one time.

    First Time Login Instructions

  1. Enter the "email address" provided in the email received by the CVO. You do not have a password yet, so leave the password field blank.
  2. First Time Users must establish a password by clicking on  the "First Time Login" button. You will receive an email with a link to establish a new password, which will expire in 8 hours. If the link has expired, please click First Time Login again.
  3. Once your password is established, log into the portal.

*If you forget your password, click Forgot Password button to receive an email link to update your password, which will expire in 8 hours.

Please contact our Central Verification Office at 714-377-3286 or with any questions or for technical assistance.


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