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Eat Clean & Green: Torrance Memorial's Plant-Based Living Group

The PBLG is a welcoming environment for anyone inspired by the Forks Over Knives and

PlantPure Nation documentaries to embrace a whole foods, plant based diet. The group will

share ideas, resources and strategies for eating out in public, grocery shopping, recipes

and other obstacles that members may be experiencing. No matter where you are on your

journey towards adopting a wholefoods, plant based diet, this group will meet you where

you are and help you along the way.

We will meet the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. West Tower Building, Auditorium.

From Lomita Blvd turn onto Medical center drive. Follow the signs to the West Tower

Parking Structure. As you enter the parking structure please note that the West Tower

Building is the Tan 5 story oval building on your right.

Take the parking structure elevators down to level 1. After you exit the elevator walk

into the West Tower building which is connected to the parking structure. Once inside

take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. The auditorium is on your left.
Fee: $0.00
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